Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November 20, 2017 An Attitude of Gratitude!

This week there was snow, cold, and a wonderful time seeing blessings from the Lord.
I am so grateful for the time that the Lord has given me to serve Him in New York.
I thank Him daily for the breath he gives me to open my mouth and help others come unto Christ.
Each day that passes, there is not a moment that I can't help but appreciate and admire the gift that my savior has given me of His love and atonement.
Psalm 100
       A Psalm of praise. 
Serve the Lord with gladness, all who are His people—Be thankful unto Him and bless His name.
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.
Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath madeus, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheepof his pasture.
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

I hope that this week we can express our thanks and love to all those we see and especially to our Father in Heaven. I know that He will bless us more if we recognize all the good in the world that He has placed there for us.
I'm Thankful for a Sunrise in New York

Catching Snowflakes for Breakfast.

Christmas is Coming

Heart Attacking a Door

My New Boots and Package from Home!

My feet will be warm now.

Snow in New York!

Mr. & Mrs. Clause

Modeling my new Boots

Santa's Sleigh

Random Art work on the oveerpass

Serving others!

Sister Vest & Elgaaen

I've Got the Crazies!

Sister's Elgaaen & Vest

NY Utica Mission Picture Legend
Oct 21, 2017
Row 10: Jonathan Birch, Jack Sutton, Kyle Charlton, Jarod Coles, Dylan Davis, Joshua Miller, Benjamin Thomas, Benjamin Anderson, Dakota Smigel, Braxton Nye, Joshua Calvert, Shaden Lazenby, Ryan Bangerter, Ryan Lindberg, Caleb Placencia, Spencer White
Row 9: Jacob Beers, Noah Rasband, Mitchell Jarman, John Davis, Denver Hopkins, Tyson Sagers, Benjamin McMillan, Zachary Wallentine, Rodney Hubbell, David Stone, Richard Jorgensen, Connor Melanson, Perry Wood, Nathan Wawro, Parker Mason, Grant Gubler
Row 8: Ashli Jones, Sabrina Moore, Aubry Poulton, Emmaline Rawlinson, Samantha Wise, Kimberly Johnson, Brittney Zimmer, Erika Svedin, Taylor Shulz, Megan Park, Alyssa Horne, Samantha Reintjes, Hallee Johnson, Jordan Frank, Briana Allred, Anna Sampson, MaKayla Hall, Ashlynn Redd
Row 7: Kelsey Tuckett, Tila De Mille, Maizi Gunther, Kayla Wonnacott, Lindsay DeGolyer, Rebekah Folkman, Sara Morley, Courtney Lemon, Jiazhen Priest, Anna Bryner, Elyce Keller, Anna Wright, Lynelle Thompson, Georgie Campbell, Hannah Beagley
Row 6: Hayden Pack, Toa Pita, Joshua Howell, Timothy Hoyt, Austin Nielsen, Samuel Stevens, Garrett Baum, Brandon Olsen, Brandon Edgecomb, Makay Jensen, Reese Foulger, Talyn Davies, Neiko Waechtler, Joseph Johnson, Adam Hill, Berkley Hanks, Joshua Allen, Daniel Whiting, Spencer Manley, Tanner Hill, Raleigh Anderson, Gavin Joy
Row 5: President Douglas Plotz, Tanis Ukena, Davin Nielson, Samuel Martin, Kyle Vorkink, Brendan Hill, Jacob Sume, Shandon Wheeler, Patrick Irvine, Derek Brunson, Keaton Glassey, Michael Kelly, Erik Saylor, Cameron Wakefield, Brendon Hollingshead, Bryce Radi, Jared Johnson, Connor Waite, Michael Calton, Caleb Wall, Justin Simons, Jason Hewitt, Ethan Smith, President Keith Barron
Row 4: Sister JoAnn Plotz, Paul & Toni Burdett, Curtis & Barbara Arrington, Marvin & Karen Palkki, Thomas & Mary Lee, Mitzi Rogers, President Jeffrey Rogers, Joan & Steven Haderlie, Carol & John Coles, Christine & Jeffrey Putnam, Deanna & David Hoskisson, Stephanie Jenkins
Row 3: Arlene Fry, Emily Clark, Christine DuBose, Stephani Rodriguez, Ambria Capson, Lauren Halversen, Rachel Green, Megan Armstrong, Hannah Davies, EmmaLee Thomas, Morgen Miner, Annika Holmberg, Hannah Jenkins, Rebekah Baird, Katelyn Elgaaen, Marissa Ostler, Natasha Anderson, Ashley Hall, Aunna Williams
Row 2: Job Rice, Jaceson Anderson, Hector Gavito-Solis, Kyle Johnson, Kade Richardson, Brayden Johnson, Tyler Hansen, Spencer Gadd, Jacob Schindler, Joseph Montague
Row 1: Tyler Bartunek, Kade Hatch, Mitchell Bellon, Austin Carr, Connor Berry, Blake Neuder, Eddie Fifita, William Little, Spencer Bertagnini, Braydon Wright, Tyler Hardy, Nicholas Mingo, Bradley Baker, Bryson Bradley

I really love my new boots!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 13, 2017 Servant of the Lord in Sun or.....or Wind

A small miracle that I have noticed this week was when Sister Vest and I decided to knock on a few doors before going to deliver some groceries to a less active.
Elder Clark of the seventy came and did a half mission Conference that lasted basically all day on Thursday. I learned many things from him, and also received an increased desire to serve the Lord to my best ability.
He started the conference by reading D&C 43:8-10, 
"8 And now, behold, I give unto you a commandment, that when ye are assembled together ye shall instruct and edify each other, that ye may know how to act and direct my church, how to act upon the points of my law and commandments, which I have given.     And thus ye shall become instructed in the law of my church, and be sanctified by that which ye have received, and ye shall bind yourselves to act in all holiness before me—       10 That inasmuch as ye do this, glory shall be added to the kingdom which ye have received. Inasmuch as ye do it not, it shall be taken, even that which ye have received."
When we gather as saints we are to increase our understanding and build up each other. It is an experience of the spirit to go and edify. If you go to a meeting ready to be taught then the Holy Ghost will bless and teach you.  When you learn new things you are making a covenant with the Lord when you commit to act on impressions that you receive (that is why you should never go to a meeting without paper an pen to record those thoughts)
There was 5 attributes that help us know the Lord's work:
     Faith in Jesus Christ
Faith is a gift. it is a willingness to act, and brings with it a power to accomplish hard things.
Obedience is a commandment and if we are Exactly obedient we put ourselves in a place to be blessed. We want to become like Christ- He was not sort of perfect... you either obey, or you don't. And to start off being exactly obedient you have to win the battle of the morning. Establishing obedience in the small helps you gain obedience over all. As you are exactly obedient you will be worthy of His spirit.
     Holy Ghost
Love is a gift. When you have faith, you look into the future and act obediently to receive an increase of love.
     Work- Effectively and hard.
Trust Christ and go out with faith. Establish a life where you have; vision for the future, goals (that reflect the desires of our hearts), plans, action, and accountability (the mission is the MTC for life!).
   We must live our lives on the Frontier or where we are not comfortable. We have places in our callings that we can to with ease- but when it starts to get out of our box of comfort- that is where the Lord is working.

I hope that as we all go through out this week we will be able to understand better the situations that we are placed in and strive to edify each other, showing; faith, obedience, the spirit, love, and effective work. I know that as we do, things might seem uncomfortable- but the Lord will not leave us comfortless. He will be working along side us.
Sunrise in New York

Sister Vest and Elgaaen

On the Road Again

Hamburger anyone?


Vogue Sisters

Fancy food.

I scream for Ice Cream

Here we are on the Map!

Pumpkin buddy


Washington Square

What shall I do today?


Sisters Vest & Elgaaen first week!

Sister's Vest and Elgaaen happy together!

Full of flowers!

Sister Vest & Elgaaen by the Fall leaves

A cup of What?

What an amazing 1st week!

Snow Already!

All the Beautiful Fall leaves are almost gone!

Going to the College