Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 5, 2018 Angel's Baptism

This past Saturday was Angel's baptism!!
It truly was a marvelous and spiritual experience.
In Sunday School we talked about service. We read the story of Christ washing his disciples feet in John 13:4-10. Christ served others because He loved them. His love drove Him to desire to help in any way- which is service. How funny that they complete each other.
No matter how great or difficult a service task may be, the fact that we can feel the saviors love while we serve is a miracle and amazing!
Just think- as we are in the service of our fellow beings we are just serving God. He blesses and sends His love to those who do His work. 
Service brings us closer to our Savior.
The Lord knows His children. He uses all sorts of circumstances and situations to give us an opportunity to serve. God has the attitude of constant Service. His entire goal is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. He does this through loving service. We are His hands. There will come a time when each one of us will be personally called upon to act in the Lord's place.
Will we accept the call?
I hope that we all will be more aware of the situations that we are placed in by divine design. I know that we will never be lead astray. All good things come from God. He loves us, and All we meet. May we have an attitude of Gratitude and serve or Brothers and Sisters.

Sister Morley is SOO tall!

Tyson Abbott, Angel Capriccio, Sister Morley and me! (at Angel's baptism)

A crazy horseheads sign we passed :)

Sister Morley hurt her knee...
Finally cold enough to wear one of my favorite scarfs and hats!


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February 26,2018 Faith, Trust...and a Funeral!

This week truly was, just wonderful. We found 4 new investigators and had 2 attend church! Also this Saturday we have a baptism :)   There is power in prayer.
Something that stuck out to me in church was a talk about faith verses Trust. Faith is explained quite well in Alma 32- Trust is spoken of by people like; Job, Solomon, Daniel, Nephi, Limhi, Alma... most everyone. Trust is a sure reliance or confidence in someone/ something. 
The difference for me between faith and Trust is believing in something verses believing something. It is easier to believe in someone- like the people in the Old Testament. They believed in Christ, they had seen things like the seas parting- they believed in Christ and knew that He was there. But they did not believe Him. When He told them that obeying certain commandments would bless them, and obeying the prophet would bring them joy, they did not believe and did not act.
Do we Trust God?
When He asks us to do things like obey commandments- not just the ones we like, but ALL of them- do we believe that it is for the best?
An example of this was on Tuesday the 20th. Sister Morley and I 'randomly' decided that we were going to visit an older couple that someone had invited us to visit a week ago. They were far away, so we were not sure if we should go, but went anyway. When we arrived and knocked the daughter answered the door and made us wait until she had tucked in her mother before we were allowed to go and visit. We did not know, but just a few days earlier Sister Elliott had fallen and really was not doing well. Walking into the bedroom honestly felt like walking into the Temple. The spirit was just so strong! Sister Morley felt prompted to share a scripture about how loved sister Elliott was, and that she had a journey ahead of her. Then we prayed and left. A while later we were told by sister Elliott's daughter that about 5 minutes after we left, her mother had silently passed through the veil. I know that there are no accidents not coincidences. We had trusted God. Believed that when he prompted us to travel far out of our way- there was a reason.
I pray that this week we strive to allow His will to be done. At the ending of each blessed day- we have the choice to simply believe in Christ alone, or have Trust that He has walked in our shoes before and knows with unwavering understanding what we need and when we need it.
I believe in Christ. He is my King.
Sister Morley and myself in front of an investigator's home
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excited for St Patrick's day!
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a cool pole we found after service
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Sister Downs, Sister Williams on exchanges!
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St.Patricks Day    Spirit



Sunday, March 4, 2018

February 19, 2018 Teaching and Learning

We had Zone Conference this week, and Sister Morley and I had a training during part of it that we were able to teach everyone else in the Zone about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul.
I think that the most important thing that we talked about was the use of a study journal. I is critical that we record the sacred truths that are given to us as we study, ponder, and pray. I know for me as I record my new understandings, I am more able to retain them. It is how I show the Lord that I appreciate what He has helped me understand and that I am ready for more.
 Something that one of the Zone Leader's talked about in there presentation was the importance of having a 'loaded' Book of Mormon. They told us that we should have quotes, markings, and things placed in our personal copy of the Book of Mormon so if someone presents a question, we will be able to 'fight' and defend the faith. I loved this analogy because- serving a mission is like fighting on the front lines of a battle field. Daily we find and teach people who are in need of protection against satan and his followers. I know that as I have filled my favorite book with references and quotes, I feel better prepared to go out and search in the depths of New York for those in need. You will not feel safe going into battle if you have no bullets.
The Book of Mormon truly does have the answers to the souls deepest questions.  it does answer things like;
What is my purpose?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
If God really loved me, why would he allow me to feel so hurt?   ......
I have found so many answers to questions that I did not know I had.
I promise that as we each select a personal copy of the Book of Mormon and 'load it' when those we love, or those we know present soul questions; we will be prepared and able to shoot away the negativity and bring them unto the great healer.
I know that this book was saved for our day. There is something written in for each one of God's children that will bless them everyday.
I hope we all can find the joy meant from the Book of Mormon and spoken of by the Prophets.
Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Elgaaen

The Sister's in the Zone!
Sister Morrey, Sister Billin, Sister Miner, Sister Rogers, Sister Morley, Sister Keller, Sister Hamblin, Sister Downs, Sister Dupaix
Sister Elgaaen, Sister Williams (in the front... She is shorter than me!!!)
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Us on Valentines day!
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Well... I am short :) But we match
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Me and my Valentines hedgehog!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 12,2018 The Temple!

This week was truly wonderful. The Elder's had 2 baptisms! And to make it better, Sister Morley and I also went to the Temple to worship the Lord and be renewed from all the worldly weight that we had collected.
Something that I have been studying was the Atonement, and why we needed a savior. We  truly all are indebted to Heavenly Father, and without the great Mediator and our Redeemer, we never could or would be able to repay Him. I am SO grateful for all that Christ has done for me. I know that He understands my sorrows, has conquered my fears, and is able to see clearly through my afflictions. I know as I turn to Him there is nothing that I can't do.
A cool thought that was given at a baptism this past Saturday was, We are the pen that Heavenly Father uses to write another person's name into the Book of Life. As we lead and guide and walk beside our fellow men, bringing them closer to Christ- we are then able to feel the joy that comes from this and be an instrument in guiding them Home.
Let us this week record our testimony of our savior and what he has done for us, then share this with someone who we know needs to feel the pure Love of Christ. I know that as we do this with a prayerful heart, we will be the answer to anther's desperate plea to know if Heavenly Father knows them.

Palmyra Temple

Sister's Elgaaen, Morley, Billin, and Miner Exchanges

Sister Billin and Elgaaen

Sister Elgaaen & Miner Chess anyone?

Lunch at the Blue Ribbon